Workshop Materials

Our workshop materials are openly licensed and freely available on Github. We currently have the following modules.

Intro to R and tidyverse

A brief introduction to using R programming language and the tidyverse package in context of gene expression data.

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Bulk RNA-Seq

Learn how to process bulk RNA-seq data and apply commonly used analysis techniques like differential expression.

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Learn how to process different types of scRNA-seq data and analyze them.

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Machine Learning

Learn to apply machine learning techniques like clustering to gene expression data.

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Pathway Analysis

This Data Lab-designed module introduces training participants to three kinds of pathway analysis: over-representation analysis (ORA), Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA), and Gene Set Variation Analysis (GSVA).

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Reproducible Research Practices

This course introduces concepts in reproducible computational research for genomics, including tools and approaches for organizing, managing, and sharing your code.

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