Saving Time to Save Lives

There’s about $10 million worth of childhood cancer data available publicly.  This wealth of data can provide unique insight into complex diseases, but putting this information to use broadly remains challenging as the data reside in different locations and often in various formats.

Researchers often have to wait up to 2 weeks to receive usable data from collaborators. This not only impedes the pace of research but also takes away resources which could be spent discovering cutting-edge treatments and cures.

undraw_calendar_dutt.png is designed to simplify things.

The painstaking work of processing data can be whittled down to minutes, creating even more opportunities to discover novel treatments.


500k Samples and counting

This online repository has over 500,000 existing cancer samples with more being added every day. It bundles them into a harmonized format that’s ready for immediate use.


Search across 300 Organisms

Researchers can discover relevant experiments across 300 different organisms and download custom datasets catered to their project.


Open Source and Free

Researchers across the world can access for free at any time. is an open source effort, and we welcome contributors in all areas from software engineering to bioinformatics.


Better Medicine Through Machine Learning will soon launch the Species Compendia which is designed to enable researchers to leverage machine learning techniques to extract more information about the biology. The data in will support researchers’ efforts to better classify patients and identify what types of treatments might be most effective on a case-by-case basis, further enhancing the burgeoning field of precision medicine.

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